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Sixteen — '14 Graduate



     I love you, for you. I don’t expect you to be perfect. You can’t judge someone from the outside. Their insides matter the most, and their physical appearance is just a bonus feature. Your flaws, creates your perfection. I like your looks, but I love your heart. When I’m with you, it’s the greatest feeling in the world, nothing compares to the heart-warming touch I get. The beating of your heart is the melody to my song. Your voice, has became the music to my ears.

     I don’t expect us to go through a perfect relationship. I know we can’t have a perfect relationship because every ‘perfect’ relationship has to go through obstacles and disagreements to get it to where it is. We won’t always agree on the same things, we’ll have pointless arguments in the future, but as long as we both put effort into this relationship we’ll both pull through together hand in hand.

     I’ll be there with you through whatever problem there is. Wherever life takes us, I’ll stand next to you and hold your hand to help you get through it. I won’t let you go through anything alone. When you need someone, I’ll be there to comfort you. I’ll do everything I possibly can to make you happy. You deserve to live a life filled with happiness. 

     Your eyes, your smile, & your love makes me fall for you deeper and deeper as the days go by. Your love provides me the strength to look forward to a new day, and to know that the good things are just around the corner, as long as I stay positive, it’d come. Your smile brightens up my day, no matter what. Even taking a slight glimpse at you, and meeting your eyes for the shortest amount of time, it gives me butterflies.

     Everything about you, is perfect in my eyes. I would never want to change anything about you. I love you, for who you are. You’re more than worth it. Don’t think differently.

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